Erin R. Whitlock
Erin R. Whitlock
Paralegal, Atlanta
  • B.S., Business Administration, Risk Management and Insurance, University of Georgia;
  • Paralegal Certificate, University of Georgia.

Out of high school, I studied Risk Management and Insurance at the University of Georgia, and quickly after I pursued a second degree in Accounting. In Summer 2013, midway through my second degree, I found myself taking a summer internship at Stokes Wagner, and I never looked back. I started out filing documents and answering the phone, but a collective-action case soon sparked my interest. I dove into the case head first, speaking with clients, working with damage calculations, using my strengths to excel in a way I didn’t know that I could. 

Little did I expect that my 2013 summer internship would turn into a passion for the legal profession. Growing up, I never imagined myself pursuing law as a career. I remember sitting in my mother’s mock trial team program after school, impatiently waiting for her to say we could go home. But after that internship, I never returned to finish the second degree. I fell in love with the work and the people at Stokes Wagner.   Three years later, I have developed a deep appreciation for the hard work and dedication that the hospitality industry demands. From shipping issues to cost calculations to client relations, every day presents new challenges to conquer. My practicality and cool logic uniquely equip me to find and enact solutions to those challenges, and I’m delighted do that with the Stokes Wagner team.