Perla Cuevas-Guizar
Perla Cuevas-Guizar
Paralegal, San Diego
Formerly: Waitress
  • B.A., Business Administration, University of Phoenix;
  • Certificate in Paralegal Studies, University of California San Diego.

Coming from a humble upbringing, I started working at age 16 as a waitress to pay my way through High school and college. I worked as a paralegal for six years before joining the Stokes Wagner team, where I provide everything from case origination to trial support to our attorneys.

I firmly stand by the belief that generosity not only makes people feel connected and appreciated, but also inspires and empowers them. I feel that my responsibility as a human being and as a paralegal is to empower others to come up with the best and brightest ideas and uncover their genius zone through teamwork. For that reason, I strive to be generous with my time and energy at work.

At the same time, Stokes Wagner promotes a healthy balance between work and home, and my home gives me life! I live for the moments that I spend with my husband and my two small children, whether it’s Friday movie nights or Sunday barbecues, the love in my family is what makes my life amazing! 

My old-fashioned values and work ethic—and the support of my amazing family—helps me assist in providing exceptional service to all our clients.