Yvonne Ricardo
Yvonne Ricardo
Associate Attorney, San Diego, CA
  • B.A., Political Science, Political Science, University of California San Diego
  • J.D., University of San Diego School of Law

My relatives love to remind me of my favorite word as a child, “Bakit?” It’s the Tagalog word for “Why?” I questioned everything and followed every answer with another question until I was satisfied with the response. The law to me is what my young self was to my family–a challenge to my intelligence, eloquence, and reasoning.

I chose the law for the challenge and the fuel it provided to my competitive spirit, but what attracted me is the potential a legal career has to make an impact. Here at Stokes Wagner, I have the opportunity to help guide businesses within the hospitality industry through the maze of labor and employment laws. With clients scattered in different states and other clients in sectors other than hospitality, the work is as exciting as it is rewarding. The task is made even better because I have the privilege of working alongside mentors and colleagues who value genuine human interactions and are devoted to providing the best service to their clients.

Outside of the office, you’ll likely find me grappling on the mats, over-ordering in a new restaurant, or enjoying the company of my family and friends…or you may find me on top of a mountain or laying in the beach in a foreign country!