Chrystal Herndon
Chrystal Herndon
HR Consultant, Las Vegas, NV
Formerly: Server, Slot Attendant, Blackjack/Craps Dealer
  • B.S., Business Management, University of Phoenix

I come from four generations of Midwest farmers who instilled in me the core values of determination, perseverance, and respect for others. While the hospitality industry initially provided a convenient means of paying for college, it ultimately helped me to identify my desire to help others in a training capacity. By helping people reach their potential across a fast-paced and ever-changing service industry, I was able to promote into several leadership positions before transitioning into Human Resources.

I have spent the last 15 years as a Las Vegas resident, and sometimes I feel like I’m still acclimating to big city life! With my roots as an hourly training coordinator at a small hotel in Iowa, I definitely experienced a fair amount of culture shock on my journey to Las Vegas. But those roots also provided the foundation that I needed to navigate the many challenges and experiences that would shape my career. I am passionate about taking care of employees, and I enjoy helping leaders and employees partner together to create amazing experiences for internal and external guests. I love what I do, plus I get to experience some of the best hospitality offerings in the world.