The California Employment Development Department (EDD) recently updated its Notice to Employees poster (DE 1857A) and its pamphlet, For Your Benefit: California’s Program for the Unemployed (DE 2320).

Employers are not required to post the new version of the poster or provide the updated version of the pamphlet until January 1, 2019, but Stokes Wagner encourages all California employers reading this article to be proactive and bring their literature into compliance as soon as possible. Both of these changes are quick and easy compliance updates that could save you a costly headache.

The updated poster can be found online, here in English and here in Spanish. The poster provides workers with information regarding unemployment insurance, state disability insurance and paid family leave. Remember to place all posters in conspicuous locations where your employees will be likely to read them.

The updated pamphlet can be found online, here. This pamphlet provides information on California’s unemployment benefits and is to be provided to every employee upon termination, or where an employee is laid off or takes a leave of absence.

For a printable PDF of this article,click here.

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